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Jim Barry

Jim Barry is a seasoned professional with four decades of experience in the software and technology sectors, is a passionate and driven individual known for his commitment to excellence. As an accomplished innovator and team builder, Jim has successfully owned and managed start-ups to medium-sized organizations in both the insurance and construction industries.

Throughout his career, Jim has demonstrated unwavering dedication to his staff, clients, shareholders, and their families. His commitment to maintaining the highest levels of integrity and loyalty is evident, fostering personal relationships throughout organizations by staying in frequent contact. Jim's proven track record includes the successful completion of projects of all sizes, from smaller endeavours to complex global rollouts.


Beyond his role as a dedicated professional, Jim is also an entrepreneur with investments primarily in the Fintech and AI technology sectors. His belief in great team building, solid business plans, innovation, and adherence to sound ethical standards shapes his approach to exploring new opportunities.

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With a career spanning four decades, Jim has played a transformative role in the software and technology sectors. Starting his career as a mechanical engineer, then transitioning into Contech. Jim's early expertise included estimating, maintenance systems, and design calculation solutions. He became known for his knowledge in HVAC calculation applications, as well as VR, 3D, and 4D CAD software, using platforms like AutoCAD, MicroStation, SONATA, and Reflex.

After stints in software sales and implementation, he worked his way up to become a Managing Director before leaving the Contech industry.


In 1999, he had the opportunity to establish a software company dedicated to serving the insurance industry. Initially based in London, focusing on the Lloyd’s Market, the company evolved into an international enterprise, extending services globally. Over the next 18 years in the insurance sector, Total Objects, under Jim's leadership, developed solutions for brokers, carriers, and reinsurance firms. After its acquisition by DXC (formerly Xchanging) in October 2017, Jim redirected his career back to the construction industry, taking a role at COINS, an ERP vendor. He also became Chairman at Fulcro Engineering Services, allowing him to continue his passion for CAD, 3D, and 4D modeling in the construction, engineering, and education sectors.


In 2021, he co-founded Cenata (now owned by Leo Lion), a company rapidly becoming a leader in Outward Reinsurance solutions for International Reinsurers. Cenata now serves major insurance markets, including the UK, USA, and Bermuda, collaborating with international consultancy firms.


Jim also serves as Chairman of another Leo Lion company, AssetTagz, an SaaS software platform focusing on RFID and QR tagging of assets in Construction, Engineering, Mining, and Emergency Services companies.


Outside of work, Jim enjoys following Leicester City and spending time with his two daughters, who share his passion for Show Jumping. He's developed a breeding program, aiming to produce future champions through hard work, investment, and enjoyment.

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