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Larry Sullivan 

Larry Sullivan is a socially conscious and impact-driven entrepreneur. During his long tenure as Chairman and Co-founder of Construction Industry Solutions (COINS), he was committed to fostering a corporate culture rooted in innovation, fairness, integrity, and diversity. Beyond his role at COINS, he established multiple software businesses and passionately advocated for education, social justice, and social enterprises. Larry founded the Leo Lion Foundation (formerly known as the COINS Foundation) to support various philanthropic causes and promote businesses that have a positive societal impact. His investments in tech startups with a focus on AI, robotics, health, and social impact reflect his commitment to leveraging technology and business as a force for good.

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Larry Sullivan, the former Chairman and Co-founder of Construction Industry Solutions (COINS), a prominent global software company with a worldwide presence and offices in the UK, USA, Australia, Dubai and Ireland, Larry was instrumental in shaping the organization's ethos. Under his leadership, COINS cultivated a corporate culture that embraced innovation, integrity, fairness and diversity, hosting a multifaceted team hailing from over thirty different nationalities.


COINS recently underwent a strategic transformative transaction, wherein it was acquired by the largest UK-based software conglomerate. The primary objective of this acquisition was to unlock COINS' full potential. Importantly, a substantial portion of the proceeds from this transaction was disseminated equitably among the company's non-shareholding workforce, exemplifying Larry’s commitment to fairness. In tandem with his role at COINS, Larry Sullivan's entrepreneurial spirit led him to establish seven additional software enterprises. Five of these companies were headquartered in the UK, while one each found its base in Poland and Russia.


Larry’s passions extended beyond the realm of business to encompass education, equity, social justice, and social enterprise initiatives. In 2004, he played a pivotal role in co-founding and funding Stepping Stones School in Surrey. The school, dedicated to supporting neurodiverse children facing mild to moderate learning disabilities, has made remarkable strides in improving outcomes for its students and their families. Starting in a converted United Reform Church, Stepping Stones School expanded to include an Upper School at Undershaw, the former residence of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of Sherlock Holmes. Larry furthered his support in this area by developing and providing financial backing for several social enterprises, including the Cookie Bar, the Cookie Bar Bus, and a recording studio, aimed at empowering individuals with disabilities.


Larry's commitment to educational innovation extended to the establishment of two additional private neurodiverse schools: the Widad Centre in Dubai, which is poised to celebrate its 10-year anniversary, and Pathways Education, founded in 2019 to address the needs of neurodiverse students who had been outside the traditional education system for an overextended period.


In 2006, Larry Sullivan undertook the creation of the COINS Foundation a non-profit entity within the COINS group which later evolved into the Leo Lion Foundation. The foundation is dedicated to harnessing the power of business for the greater good and addressing issues of social injustice. The Leo Lion Foundation remains committed to supporting social enterprises, NGOs and businesses with a strong social mission, firmly believing in the inseparable linkage between economic and social value. Its grants extended support to a diverse array of causes, including Habitat for Humanity, PEAS (Promoting Equality in African Secondary Education), Challengers (offering inclusive activities for disabled children and young people), Big hArt in Australia, and initiatives promoting disability sailing in both the UK and Australia.


Larry Sullivan's contributions extended to his ten-year tenure on the board of Habitat for Humanity Great Britain and his three-year service as a trustee for the DFN Foundation's Project Search. Presently, he actively contributes as a member of the Governing Boards of Stepping Stones/Undershaw, Widad Centre, and Pathways Education. Larry remains a steadfast Patron of Disability Challengers, a role he has fulfilled with unwavering dedication for seventeen years.


In an endeavour to reshape the future of capitalism and promote businesses embodying social values, Larry Sullivan founded the Leo Lion Company. This strategic parent company meticulously identifies, develops, invests in, and acquires businesses that align with its mission, offering potential for long-term growth and a positive societal impact.


The Leo Lion Company has ushered in a roster of startups, including Pathways Education, Free Bird Film, Cenata, Local Supply Chain, Fulcro Engineering, and AssetTagz, all sharing the vision of modernizing industries and fostering equitable growth. 


Leo Lion also operates as an Angel/VC investor with a specialized focus on tech startups, particularly in robotics, health, green-tech, artificial intelligence (AI), and social impact, has assembled a portfolio of diverse investments.


  1. Comply Advantage: A technology-driven solution utilising AI for anti-money laundering and financial crime detection.

  2. Apptronik: Dedicated to designing and building humanoid robots for NASA and civilian applications.

  3. Beam: Utilising technology to provide better support to homeless individuals in their transition to housing and permanent employment.

  4. Praava Health: A patient-driven, tech-first company disrupting healthcare standards to cater to Bangladesh's 170 million citizens.

  5. Copprint: Producing environmentally friendly nano copper Inks enabling low-cost, high conductivity printed electronics.

  6. Armenta: Pioneering acoustic technology for antibiotic-free treatment of bovine mastitis, leading to increased yield, improved quality, and reduced culling.

  7. Stitch: Empowering African businesses to develop user-friendly, innovative, and inclusive digital finance products.

  8. Muddy Machines: AI-powered high-efficiency horticultural robots.

  9. Nomio: Transforming contracts and regulatory documents into valuable data with 99% accuracy.

  10. Signal Insights: Leveraging AI for competitor intelligence.

  11. Aren AI: Safely monitoring infrastructure assets using computer vision, deep learning, and AI.

  12. OnePlanet: Offering a technology platform for sustainability planning and communication.

  13. Onsite IQ: Providing video-based construction documentation and AI-powered actionable insights.

  14. Cyclr: A middleware/embedded integration toolkit for SaaS applications.

  15. Ubiety AI technology, and hardware solutions to detect and understand people’s physical presence

  16. Symprove: Advanced probiotics (previously exited).

  17. ContentCal: Social media planning and publishing platform (previously exited).

  18. JustGiving: Online fundraising and donations platform (previously exited).


Larry Sullivan's thought leadership has made him a sought-after speaker at prestigious business schools worldwide, including institutions in the UK, US, Australia, and the UAE. His insights on "Enterprise as a Force for Good" and "social improvement" have resonated with audiences at esteemed institutions such as the University of St Andrews, University of Warwick, Cranfield University, London School of Economics, London Business School, Harvard University, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), University of California Berkeley, Hult International Business School, and Monash Business School. Recognising his profound contributions, Larry received an Honorary Doctorate from Warwick Business School in 2017 and dedicated five years to actively serving on the Advisory Council of the School of Management at the University of St Andrews.

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