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Robert Brown

Robert Brown has spent 32 years as a CEO of global software companies. During his career he has always focused on building companies with a values-based culture and a strong social conscience. In his most recent tenure as CEO of Construction Industry Solutions (COINS) he was able to meld commercial success alongside working with the Leo Lion Foundation (formally known as the COINS Foundation) to provide both commercial acumen and financial support to charities and social enterprises who are addressing issues of social and or economic injustice. Beyond his executive roles, Robert is a passionate believer in promoting capitalism with a social conscience. In his opinion, capitalism is the only proven economic system, but capitalism without a social conscience places wealth if the hands of fewer and fewer people, which can have a detrimental impact on society. Conversely, if all organisations were to set aside time and money to address areas of social and economic disadvantage many of the worlds most pressing issues around education, healthcare and housing could be addressed to create a more sustainable society for all.

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